Ryan’s Medicare Plan Has Made Him A Hero On The Right But Also Presents Campaign Risks

Topics: Medicare, Politics

Aug 11, 2012

News outlets examine some of the history and criticism of the plan.

The Wall Street Journal: What Is The ‘Ryan Budget’?
Ever since the “Ryan budget,” as its known, was first proposed in April 2011, there have been competing attempts by Democrats and Republicans to define what it is and what it isn’t. Here’s the basics from the proposal he offered earlier this year (Paletta, 8/11).

The Wall Street Journal: Q&A: Ryan’s Strengths And Weaknesses
What are the risks with the pick? By tapping Ryan, Mitt Romney is embracing the polarizing budget blueprints the House Budget Committee chairman has trotted out over the years, from transforming Medicare into a system of subsidized private insurance to allowing wage earners to invest a portion of their Social Security taxes in the stock market – stances that may prove risky in the election (O’Connor, 8/11).

Politico: VP Primer: Paul Ryan’s Medicare Plan
Meet the new addition to the Republican presidential ticket: Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan. It’s made Ryan a hero on the right and a lightning rod for criticism from the left. And now that Mitt Romney has chosen Ryan to be his running mate, you’ll be hearing about it nonstop until November (Nather, 8/11).

The Wall Street Journal: For White House And Ryan, Deficit Became Personal
Republican House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan sat in the front row of a George Washington University auditorium on April 13, 2011, in what would become a telling—and highly personal—moment in the consuming debate about the size and scope of government. President Barack Obama, finally unveiling his 12-year, $4 trillion deficit reduction plan, singled out a competing plan offered by Mr. Ryan just six days before and—in front of a global audience—attempted to shred it. It “ends Medicare as we know it,” Mr. Obama said, adding that there was “nothing serious” about Mr. Ryan’s proposal to lower taxes (Paletta, 8/11).

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