Texas Doctors Oppose State Plans On Abortion

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Aug 07, 2012

The physicians are objecting to a proposed rule for the Texas Women’s Health Program that prohibits them from discussing abortion with patients. Meanwhile, the governor, who says he opposes an expansion of Medicaid, also says he will use such an expansion to justify his cut off of funds to Planned Parenthood.

Texas Tribune: Medical Groups Oppose Women’s Health Program Rule
A proposed state rule that would prohibit doctors in Texas’ Women’s Health Program from discussing the option of abortion with their patients — even if the patient asks about it — has drawn the opposition of Texas medical groups. The groups take issue specifically with a clause that states the provider must not “promote elective abortions.” The word “promote” as defined by the proposed rule includes counseling and referrals to abortion providers, as well as the display of any materials from abortion providers (O’Connor, 8/6).

The Dallas Morning News: Texas Medical Groups Protest Proposed Rules Prohibiting Abortion Counseling
Texas medical groups are revolting against a proposed state Health Department rule for the Women’s Health Program that would prohibit abortion counseling, saying the state is attempting to impose a “gag order” on physicians. In a nine-page letter released Monday, the Texas Medical Association — in conjunction with associations representing gynecologists, obstetricians, pediatricians and family practitioners — said that the state’s proposed rules are so onerous that many physicians, even though they may be morally opposed to abortion, may nevertheless refuse to participate in the Texas Women’s Health Program (Hoppe, 8/6).

The Hill: Perry Caught In Medicaid Contradition
Texas Gov. Rick Perry is facing a big contradiction as he pursues two policies important to conservatives — defunding Planned Parenthood and rejecting President Obama’s healthcare law. Perry has said he won’t implement the healthcare law’s Medicaid expansion. But his plan to cut off Planned Parenthood assumes that the Medicaid expansion will happen in Texas (Baker, 8/6).

And in Colorado –

Denver Post: Signatures Turned In For Colorado Anti-Abortion Measure
The Colorado Personhood Coalition Monday submitted more than 121,000 signatures to the secretary of state to get its anti-abortion measure on the November ballot. … This would be the group’s third try since 2008 to amend the state Constitution. Personhood USA founder Keith Mason said the ballot language this year is different. It would extend constitutional rights to all humans at any stage of development by stating that protections of life “apply equally to all innocent persons.” It would “prohibit the intentional killing of any innocent person” (Draper, 8/6).

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