The Health Plan that saves you big money.

We are proud to be the local agency that offers self managed health benefits and insurance to individuals, family and all size business’s for entire staff nation wide. Not only do we offer you a guaranteed no turn down health plan that has full benefits you get real health insurance that’s accepted everywhere nation wide. Regardless of your past health history you are guaranteed a health insurance plan from Badgley and Associates. And you do not have to worry about the cost because our plans start at just $120 a month for your family.

And you know what they say about college students, I hear that most college students can not afford to get a health insurance plan these days. But they don’t know about us here at Badgley and Associates, we care and we can get any student a plan that they can count on. Students can also utilize the non health related benefits they get with our plans, such as the roadside assistance, car rentals, or even the shopping service they can now use to get everything they need at major discount. And the benefits are activated right away.

So let’s get started today by calling Badgley and Associates 888-737-0594 for a fast over the phone enrollment.


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