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In 1998, our Founder, Coach Tim Flatt (a lifelong entrepreneur) was coaching junior high and high school basketball. Through the seasons he noticed a couple of things that occurred when a player had an injury that wasn’t serious enough to stop the player from practicing and playing in games . . .


The players used oral medications for pain and inflammation — like Tylenol, Ibuprofen or prescription drugs.
The Players also used topical pain lotions and ointments.

Impact of Injury and Treatment:

Short Term — The Players that treated their injuries with oral & topical medications never fully recovered from these nagging injuries as the season went on. In most cases the injuries continued to get worse.
Long Term — The next season these players were very susceptible to the same injury reoccurring and the damage was typically worse and more painful.

What was Happening?

The phenomenon of pain escalation even though the players used pain medication was baffling to Coach Flatt, so he shared this information with the parent of one of his players. As fate would have it, the parent was a medical doctor and they decided to begin doing their own independent research.
Here is what they discovered:

Topical products had very high levels of menthol which produces a numbing effect whenever the menthol ligand attaches to the kappa Opioid receptor.
Oral medications block the NK-1 Receptor so that the brain will not get the “message” that tells it that something hurts.
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“Within 10 minutes the shoulder pain and arthritis pain was gone!” Sharon C, Maryville, TN
“The relief was instant – am totally amazed.” Carol K, Whitehall, PA – Hand Pain
“I am totally amazed, and truly grateful to RTPR for giving back the use of my hands.” Bob H, Alpharetta, GA
“I couldn’t believe how fast it worked.” Betty Ann R, Blenheim, NJ – Leg Pain
“I have used tens units and trigger point injections…Within 10 minutes I felt relief.” Agnes E., Tampa, FL – Back Pain

“My mother has had arthritis, real bad for years! always after working in the yard ( which she loves to do) her thumb joint throbs so badly that I’ve seen tears in her eyes! she can’t get any relief for 40 to 45 minutes after she has taken an oxycodone/ 7.5! Even after that, most of the time she takes another one 20 minutes after the first one! Then when they both kick in, she get horrible nausea and takes 2 nausea pills for her stomach! It’s just a vicious cycle been going on for the last 10 to 12 years!

I gave her the 2 Samples you sent me Thursday May 19th and asked her to try out the “REAL TIME PAIN RELIEF”! As I gave them to her, she just threw them on the small table next to the couch with a look on her face like ” SURE THIS WILL WORK ? That unbelievable face I’ve seen so many times when I was young, telling her why I was late for dinner, fibbed to her, with my fingers crossed behind my back so I wasn’t really lying to her! Anyway to make this short quick note, quicker! She called me tonight, about 5:30 pm and asked me, no pleaded with me, to STOP what i was doing and Run (drive fast) to the pharmacy to pick-up her refill of pain pills ASAP! She was out of pills and spent the day planting flowers and could barely hold the phone in her hand, just to call me! I asked her where she put the cream for pain i had given her Thursday night? She said “I DO NOT NEED SOME STUPID CREAM! I NEED MY PERCOCET PILLS!”

Anyway, when I finally got to mom’s home about 7:20 pm (after waiting in line at Wal-Mart drugs for 45 minutes, then 15 minutes to pay for them! My younger sister Annette was there applying a 3rd layer of some blue color, nice smelling jell on mom’s hands AND MY MOTHER SITTING THERE WITH A SMILE ON HER FACE! Annette Had just happen to stop by Mom’s Place About 6:40 to 6:45 PM and seen that she was in Horrible Pain! She found the 2 packets I had left her (both on the floor by the same small table, read the instructions, applying as directed and her PAIN WAS DOWN to Almost Nothing!!! I gave her 3 More Samples and She asked me to buy her a jar!!! (ASAP)


Henry Vander Veur II
Taylorsville, Ut

6-17-2010 – Update – on Henry’s Mom

Just A Follow Up On Mom…She Now Sleeps All Night Long! Thanks To “Real~Time~Pain~Relief”!!! And Has NOT Had A Percocet In 14 Days!

Thank-You For The Help!!



“Thank you RTPR! This stuff is amazing!”

Last Saturday, I took my family to the beach for the day. I have a young daughter, and made sure that I had her fully protected with sun block, but failed to apply any to myself. By the time I realized I was burning, it was too late. This was probably the worst sunburn of my life! I was so red; I looked like a little red Corvette. The burning and stinging was just about unbearable. I tried everything. I took a cool shower, applied a cold washcloth, you name it. Then I thought about the RTPR. I asked my wife to put some on my burn, she said to me “are you crazy? This stuff has capsicum in it”, but at this point I didn’t care, I was ready to try anything. I absolutely couldn’t believe what happened next. As soon as the RTPR touched my skin, it INSTANTLY stopped burning. The stinging was gone as well. I don’t mean that it felt better; I mean it stopped hurting. I was amazed. About 15 minutes later, it started to burn again, but another application of the RTPR took care of that. Something that is equally amazing is today. Today is Thursday, I have been expecting huge sheets of my skin to start peeling off, but it’s not happening. RTPR saved my skin. I have been using RTPR with much satisfaction for nearly a year on my various aches and pains. I never would have thought it would be so effective for sun burn relief. I don’t know how, or why, but this stuff really works!

I’m sending along a couple of pictures I took. I think even YOU will be amazed.

Doug H.
Grand Rapids Mi.

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